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Rubel Hossain News Bangladesh actress Naznin Akter Happy, 19

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(Details of Rubel Hossain (Bangladeshi cricketer) Biaography News Bangladesh actress Naznin Akter Happy, 19 )
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Mohammad Rubel Hossain (মোহাম্মদ রুবেল হোসেন) in a surprise move soon be cleared of rape allegations of Naznin Akter Happy. In January, the 25-year-old Rubel Hossain was detained over a rape allegation lodged by an ex-girlfriend, the high-profile actress Naznin Akter Happy, who claimed he had retreated from an earlier pledge to marry her, an offence under Bangladeshi law. He remains on bail, but maybe for not much longer after Happy, 19, told Bangladesh television station Channel 24 that she would not continue with the case.

In the latest twist of a saga which has gripped the conservative Muslim-majority country, Happy said she had decided to forgive her former boyfriend who starred in a dramatic victory over England on Tuesday.

“I’ve forgiven him. I am not going to continue the case against him,” Happy told Channel 24 television today.

“I am not going to give any testimony or evidence against (him). And if I don’t carry on with the case, then there is no case.”

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